HAIR LOSS CREAM-50 ML -Himalaya Drug 1

HAIR LOSS CREAM-50 ML -Himalaya Drug


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Himalaya’s Anti Hair Loss Cream promotes hair growth and controls hair fall by stimulating the active phase of the hair growth cycle. Visible effects can be seen within two weeks. A 40% hair regrowth can be seen in three months and prolonged use for up to six months brings about a 70% reduction in hair loss.
The cream is infused with the extracts of the Butea Gum Tree and Climbing Butea, which prevent the apoptosis of hair follicles and promote hair regeneration. The herbs also induce quick multiplication of hair fiber cells, improve tensile strength and increase hair density.
Gently massage Anti Hair Loss Cream into the scalp using your fingertips.
Cover the entire scalp, part by part.
For best results, leave overnight and rinse in the morning.
Use daily. Recommended twice daily in case of severe hair loss. Suitable for all hair types.
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