Glu Cell Intra Oral Spray _ 100 ml Spray_Senechio Pharma Pvt Ltd

Glu Cell Intra Oral Spray _ 100 ml Spray_Senechio Pharma Pvt Ltd


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Glu Cell Intra Oral Spray

It is an effective method of delivering active ingredients that are glutathione and L-ascorbic acid directly into the bloodstream rather than relying on primary processing by the digestive system. The key is to ensure that the nutrient is delivered within a suitable natural emulsion and ensuring an optimal droplet size and spray pattern. Absorption begins immediately and has been scientifically proven.

Key Ingredients:
Ascorbic acid
L-glutamic acid

Key Benefits:
It is a powerful antioxidant in nature
Helps in improving skin tone, smoothes the skin texture and improves complexion
It makes the skin look younger, smoother and delays the signs of aging
It helps in dead skin removal from the skin
Gives lighter and flawless skin
It helps to reduce the skin pigmentation and helps in moisturizing the skin
It helps in improving the skin complexion, give lighter, brighter and flawless skin

Directions For Use:
Take Glu-Cell Intra Oral Spray as prescribed by the physician.

Safety Information:
A dietary nutritional supplement not for medicinal use
Read the label carefully before use
Do not exceed the recommended dose
Keep out of the reach of children
Store at a temperature below 25-degree Celsius and 40 % humidity in cool and dry place
Should be protected from direct light

Food restrictions with this product: Avoid consuming any food that is allergic to the content of this item, avoid alcohol with the usage of the item. If item application/consumption makes you feel uneasy then stop the usage of the item immediately.

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