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Dr.Height Capsules

To increase height and growth is a major distress in minds of most of the people now a days. A good height no doubt makes you look good, makes you confident and more respectable in your own eyes.The height increasing capsules. The most talked about herbal supplement based on the guidelines of ayurveda. It not only increases your height but also makes you look taller, smarter and confident. Enpowerd with the active herbals.

Dr.Height improves digestion & activates growth glands of body. Use as dietary supplements

CONTENT- Lepidum Sativum 100mg.,Gentiana Kuroo 100mg., Puraia Tuberosa 50mg., Cossytha Fillemis 10mg., Withania Somnifera 50mg., Ephera Gerardiana 5mg., Acacia Arabica 50mg., Iron 15mg., Mucuna Pruriens 50mg., Lysine 25mg., Cassi Tora 25mg., L-Arginue 5mg., Oroxylum Indium 25mg., Calcium 50mg.

Usage : Adults 2 Capsules twice or thrice a day.

Children : 1 Capsules twice or thrice daily.


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