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Glucometer With Multipulse Technology Gives Accurate Results Easy To Use Features 7 Day Hi And Lo Summary Testing Features Sample Volume 0.5 Ml Test Result Duration 5 S Test Sample Whole Blood Strip Specifications Strip Type Non-Coded Technology Memory (Number Of Readings) 480 Test Result Display Type Lcd Measurements Measurement Accuracy +/-5 Power Requirements Power Source Without Battery

Key features—>

  • Blood glucose monitoring system offers remarkable accuracy & easy to use features like second chance sampling, basic & advanced modes (L1/L2).
  • Blood sample size- It requires tiny blood sample size of 0.6µl.
  • Easy viewing- It has large LCD clear display which is easy to read.
  • Fast Results- Bayer’s Contour Plus deliver results within 5 seconds.
  • Smart- It has two modes: Basic Mode (L-1) which gives 7 day High and Low summary and 14 day average with 480 test result memory. Another mode is, Advanced Mode (L-2) which gives 7 day High and Low summary and 7, 14, and 30 day averages with 480 test result memory.
  • More Comfortable – It shows Pre- and post-meal markers with 30 day pre- and post-meal averages. You can also Select post-meal reminders 2,5; 2,0; 1,5; 1,0 hours