BABY BATH OIL-40 ML -Himalaya Drug 1

BABY BATH OIL-40 ML -Himalaya Drug


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PACKING->40 ML oil per pack_COMPANY->Himalaya Drug Company

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Himalaya Baby Bath Oil is an after bath baby care oil which is important in the proper growth and development of babies. The essential components of this oil are Olive oil, Vitamin E and Winter cherry.
It can be used both before and after bath for massage and moisturizing purposes. Its mild and enriching properties softens the skin as it is non-greasy in nature.
Olive oil along with Vitamin E has great antimicrobial properties leaving the skin lustrous and healthy. It can also help in softening the nail cuticles and nourishing them.
Winter cherry has special properties of lightening the skin tone and also treats xerosis.

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