B COLEN M DROP-15 ML -Galpha Labs 1

B COLEN M DROP-15 ML -Galpha Labs


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PACKING->15 ML drop per pack_COMPANY->Galpha Laboratories Ltd

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B Colen M drop contains vitamin A, E, Cholecalciferol, Thiamine, Riboflavine, Pyridoxine, Nicotinamide, D- Panthenol, Ascorbic Acid, L-Lysine and Zinc.
Vitamin B complex plays an important role in keeping the body running like well-oiled machines. These essential nutrients help convert food into energy, help to stay energized throughout the day.
Vitamin A, C and E are very good antioxidants and help in boosting the immunity and vitamin D helps in forming healthy and strong bones.
Zinc performs a variety of important functions, including strengthening the immune system, protecting cell membranes against free radicals, preventing cell structural damage and repairing damaged DNA. Zinc also is instrumental in healing wounds, supports the stabilization of blood glucose and neurological function.
Lysine helps in gaining weight in infants and also increases appetite. It also helps in improving immunity.

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