ADEL 78 DERCUT OINTMENT-35 GM -Adel Pekana Germany 1

ADEL 78 DERCUT OINTMENT-35 GM -Adel Pekana Germany


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DERCUT Ointment (ADEL 78 Ointment)

INDICATIONS: For general skin diseases, psorioses, eczema, neurodermatitis, pimples (acne vulgaris), rash at puberty, boils, herps, insect bite, including intertrigo and urticaria.

ADEL 78 (DERCUT) ointment is treat acne, psoriasis, eczema, hives, oozing rashes, herpes zoster, itching dermatitis, impetigo, insect bites, carbuncles and furuncles. Some skin disorders can result from an internal intoxification that overwhelms the body’s excretion abilities. For example, pubescent acne is partially caused by the body’s inability to metabolize and eliminate toxins via the intestines and urological tract. In addition, leakygut syndrome results from an intestinal tract insufficiency that enables undigested food particles or bacteria to enter the bloodstream, causing systemic intoxification that burdens the liver, kidneys, skin and other excretory organs. Combining ADEL 78 ointment and drops with other ADEL medications that include ADEL 3 (apo-HEPAT) drops liver function, ADEL 87 (apo-INFEKT) drops bacterial and viral infections and ADEL 48 (ITIRES) drops lymphatic inflammation can successfully treat these conditions.

INGREDIENTS: Bellis perennis 8X, Euphorbia resinifera 4X, Hydrastis Canadensis 3X, Kreosotum 6X, Rhus toxicodendron 8X, Sempervivum tectorum 3X, Vinca minor 3X, Viola tricolor 2X.

Bellis perennis in the complex shows a marked efficacy for inflammated skin exsudates with swellings and the indications of erysipels, acne and herps developing, which appear as buring and painful ones.

Euphorbia resifinera is for erysipellike inflammations of the skin. The efflorescences are red, swollen, itching and biting. It is very reliable ingredient of the remedy.

Hydrastis canadensis is a great healing factor of the ointment. Here you find indications longing from unhealthy skin to chickenpox, variola and other bad circumstances of the skin.

Kreosotum is a remedy for ulcerous states of the skin. The function is a very important disinfection material for wounds, pustules with violent itching states.

Rhus toxidendron is a further strong remedy against erysiples and herps efforescence’s with a wide field of influences. You can find bactarial and pus inflammations, compounded with itching, bruning and neuralgic paretic stares.

Sempervivum tectorum is an old Paracelsus wound funtions with longs until cancerous developments. Unfortunately it is too often used, but it is wonderful for erysipelatous affections, wounded regions in the skin and above all gerps zoster with sticking pains.

Vinca minor is a good reputated skin remedy. It is well known for trichoma states of the skin, wet ecezemas and itching and burning pustules.

Viola tricolor the famous remedy acts against scrophulous eczema, crusta lactea and impetigo efflores-cences, so that all the medicines together even heal long lasting bad skin diseases reliable.


Rub in locally, or apply using a bandage or dressing three times a day.


Original Packing: 35 gms sealed tube

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